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Leveraging modern technologies to develop cutting edge applications on the web platform

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Jemjie help businesses to leverage modern technologies to develop cutting edge applications on the web platform. Our team's extensive experience with building web and mobile applications, and intimate familiarity with the open source JavaScript landscape, enable us to advise you on how best to design your stack based on your priorities.


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Phone our experts for advice and we can offer personal tutoring and guidance. We can help on many topics, including:

Full-stack project development

We'll write some or all of the software for your project

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We've extensive experience developing for the web and for mobile, we can help with any and all of the following:

Software Testing

We provide both manual and automated software testing services

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In todays world of rapidly evolving software, a good suite of software tests has never been so important. But writing good software tests takes practice, and time - time you could be spending building your product!

We can help you get back to what you do best - software development - by writing the software tests for you; and even helping you set up your Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) systems.

During manual testing we'll dig right into the corners of your software, looking for bugs that you might not have found. The issues we file are the detailed error reports you'd expect from people who have a long history of writing software - with all the information you should need to reproduce the problem.